Procedural Audio: Step-by-Step

While pursuing my degree in Audio Engineering in London, I chanced by Procedural Audio and was completely taken by it. I spoke to Andy Farnell (who  still has a great number of resources), about possibly doing my dissertation in Procedural Audio. After toying with the idea for about a month, I decided to go ahead and try to implement a model for myself. With some help, I managed to come up with the dissertation titled ‘Procedural Audio: Step-by-Step‘.


As a first attempt – it was quite complicated for a person with absolutely no clue as to how to do this. On the other hand, the dissertation seemed like a great way for anyone looking to explore procedural audio to get a start – especially from an audio engineer’s perspective, to many of whom Game Engines can be quite a mystery. Almost every resource I’ve taken a look at has been referenced and I hope that would be more than helpful to anyone using this project report as a guiding light.


So go ahead, grab the files. Please don’t hesitate to write to me if you find something amiss or can’t seem to get your head around some of the things mentioned.


The report was bundled with a total of 6 appendices, of which 4 were originally submitted on a DVD. I’ve made all of these available below with some degree of redundancy to help you get just what you need. I really hope this is helpful. I’ve subsequently worked on a Procedural Model for a Single Propeller Aircraft Engine – Hope you Enjoy it. I hope to write an article on how it was built soon.


Procedural Audio: Step-by-Step Appendices

Complete Bundle (Report + Appendices) ~ 392 MB

Bundle Downloadable as Individual Elements

Procedural Audio Step-by-Step (Dissertation Report PDF)

Appendix E ~ 18 KB

Appendix F ~ 1 MB

Appendix G ~ 314 MB

Appendix H ~ 74 MB


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