I’m a graduate student in Music Technology at McGill University, Montreal, Canada. I currently explore Force-feedback in Digital Music Instruments and Haptics to aid proprioception in open-air controllers. In parallel, applications for Machine Learning like Gesture Following, Audio Source Separation and Noise Reduction are also some keen areas of interest.

I hope to continue to fuel my hunger for Indie film by making cheap workflow tools that are more accessible to indie budgets; Primarily timecode and editing solutions for DSLR/iPhone Filmmakers, before they become entirely buried by the DSLR/Mirrorless revolution.

I’m also an Audio Engineer and Composer with alter-egos to better contain my ambition and enthusiasm. I provide services as Sample Culturefor Documentaries, Commercials, and Independent musicians and film-makers, and collaborate with musicians under the concept of Starfish Compass (on Spotify/iTunes/interwebs).

I also hope to Arudino the heck out of  beer homebrewing and ghost chilli growing. The world really needs this now, more than ever before.

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